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American Maintenance is here to protect your wheels and tidy up your building’s exterior with parking lot maintenance solutions.

Leave a Lasting Impression With Routine Parking Lot Services

At American Maintenance, we understand the importance of a well-maintained parking lot. It is more than just a place to park cars—it’s one of the first impressions customers have of your business. As part of our building maintenance solutions, we offer comprehensive parking lot maintenance services to businesses across the U.S., regardless of their size or industry.

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Our professional and experienced teams are dedicated to enhancing the aesthetic of your property, ensuring safety, and prolonging the lifespan of your parking lots. We are your one-stop solution for regular cleaning, seal coating services, line striping, and signage, all whilst providing high-quality service and materials.


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Beyond our top-tier parking lot maintenance solutions, American Maintenance offers a comprehensive suite of building maintenance services tailored for facilities like yours, including remodels and handyman services. Ensure your business always leaves a lasting impression, and connect with us today.

Our Approach to Parking Lot Maintenance

American Maintenance deploys trained experts to address your parking lot issues. Using only the highest quality commercial-grade equipment and materials, our team is prepared to deliver outstanding results without disrupting your business. Our emergency response and preventative maintenance:

Ensures Safety With Parking Lot Repair
Hazards like potholes, cracks, and faded lines can increase risk. Our teams identify and repair damaged spots to create a smooth, clearly marked parking surface.

Meets Standard Compliance Regulations
We ensure parking areas meet safety codes through services like signage, lighting, striping, and concrete repairs. This protects visitors and avoids non-compliance fines.

Detects Damage Early
Small issues become bigger problems without timely maintenance. Our regular assessments catch minor damage before major repairs become necessary, saving costs.

American Maintenance Takes a Hands-On Approach

From building maintenance to landscaping, snow removal, and commercial cleaning, American Maintenance does it all. Many clients have used our services for years thanks to our hard-earned trust and consistent performance. Plus, because transparency and accountability mean everything to us, our commercial cleaning services and facility maintenance solutions have several perks.

Once onboard with us, you gain access to a comprehensive ticketing system that lets you report issues and secure additional services.

Our login process makes your experience as simple as ever.

During inspections, our online system provides access for all parties to see the status of your facility in real time so you can stay informed.

Parking Lot Maintenance FAQs

American Maintenance recommends that major projects should be scheduled for commercial parking lots every five years. This timeframe helps ensure the integrity of the parking surface, preventing major damages and ensuring safety for all users.

Parking lot sealant is a protective coating applied to asphalt pavements to shield them from the damaging effects of elements like water, oils, and UV rays. American Maintenance applies sealant to extend the lifespan of the parking lot by preventing cracks, potholes, and other forms of degradation. At the same time, the sealant enhances its appearance, giving it a fresh, dark finish.

The largest signs include potholes, large cracks, fading line markings, water pooling, crumbling edges, and uneven surfaces. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent them from developing into more significant problems.

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