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Transform Your Outdoor Space With Next-Level Commercial Landscape Design Services

At American Maintenance, we understand the value an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space adds to a commercial property. Leveraging our nationwide network of professionals, we offer landscape design and installation services tailored to your specific requirements. As your one-stop solution, we provide uniquely tailored designs, expert installation, and dedicated aftercare services.

Whether enhancing property appeal or crafting eco-friendly designs, we ensure our services reflect your business values while speaking volumes about your commitment to excellence.

Enjoy Uniquely Tailored Designs

No two landscapes are exactly alike, and our designers don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they craft customized plans based on each client’s unique needs and style. We even have a professional designer on staff to supply drawn plans for your location and bring your ideas to life. Whether you envision a sophisticated English garden for your corporate headquarters, a few planting beds to add a pop of color to your school grounds, or a new sprinkler system to conserve water usage in your arid state, you’ve got options.


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Choose the Leading Commercial Landscaping Company

Your business deserves comprehensive services that last. By choosing American Maintenance as your facility maintenance expert, you opt for a long-term partnership built on communication, accountability, quality, and flexibility. Get started with a quote today.

We Take a Hands-On Approach to Commercial Landscape Installation

As professional landscapers, janitors, and building maintenance operators, the team at American Maintenance ensures the use of high-quality materials and detailed techniques to bring your new landscape to life just as envisioned.

We source durable, vibrant plant varieties and materials that withstand your region’s climate variations. This includes using native species whenever possible. We also use precision techniques for grading, drainage, planting, and more—ensuring your landscape fulfills the design’s visual impact and practical use.

American Maintenance Goes Above and Beyond

Along with expert janitorial, building maintenance, pest control, and snow removal solutions, our commercial landscaping services offer the same customization options to ensure your business gets the attention and care it needs. Whether you need a landscapist, day porter, or a handyperson, we do it all.

We Value Accountability and Transparency

Our seamless onboarding process introduces you to our comprehensive ticketing system, allowing you to easily report any issues or request additional services with just a few clicks. We streamline your payment process through a user-friendly login system, ensuring that billing is hassle-free and straightforward. Plus, our sophisticated online system provides real-time access to inspection reports, enabling all relevant parties to monitor the status of your facility at any time.

Professionalism Means Everything to Us

Your facility is always making an impression, and so are we! Through rigorous quality assurance programs, professional and thoroughly vetted cleaning crews, and the use of top-tier cleaning products, tools, and equipment, we make sure we meet and exceed client expectations. Whether a routine cleaning task or an urgent service request, our team is equipped to handle it efficiently.

Landscape Design FAQs

While closely related, commercial landscape design and installation services focus on creating a unique and customized landscape from the ground up. American Maintenance tailors our services to a business’s specific brand identity, functionality needs, and aesthetic preferences.

Traditional landscaping services typically concentrate on maintaining and caring for existing landscapes, such as lawn mowing, pruning, and general upkeep.

The process begins with a consultation to understand the business’s vision, needs, and goals. Afterward, site analysis and surveys are conducted to assess the existing conditions. Our designers then create a conceptual design, which is presented for feedback and further refined until final approval. After the concept is approved, the project moves into detailed design and installation planning.

American Maintenance is an advocate for hardscaping, which refers to the non-living elements of landscape design, such as walkways, patios, retaining walls, and outdoor seating areas. In commercial landscapes, hardscaping is crucial in directing foot traffic, creating usable outdoor spaces for employees or clients, and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. When well-integrated with softscaping (plant elements), it can transform a commercial property into a functional and inviting space.

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