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Beautify your facility and make a lasting impression with commercial landscaping services from American Maintenance.

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Your commercial space deserves more than just basic upkeep. At American Maintenance, our comprehensive commercial landscaping services are designed to go beyond maintaining cleanliness and organization. We aim to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, boosting its value and image.

With our experience in serving various clients from diverse industries like healthcare and finance, we understand your commercial space’s unique requirements and expectations. We are your one-stop shop for outsourced commercial property maintenance that believes in quality service, utmost satisfaction, and reliability.

Our All-Inclusive Commercial Landscaping Services

Top down view of a person mowing grass

Routine Maintenance

Keeping your landscape looking pristine requires regular care and upkeep. American Maintenance offers ongoing maintenance like mowing, pruning, and edging, along with yearly seasonal maintenance contracts.

Side view of an active sprinkler system

Sprinkler System Installation

Whether you’re invested in hydrating a lush, green lawn or creating an appealing desert scape, let American Maintenance help you effectively conserve water with water irrigation installation and repair.

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Installation and Design

Get complete control as our landscape architects and designers help create a beautiful, functional plan tailored to your property and needs, whether you’re looking for sustainability, spaces for employees, or purely aesthetics.

Side view of gardener using weedwhacker machine to control overgrowth

Vegetation Control

American Maintenance safely and effectively manages weed, disease, insect, and pest issues with top-of-the-line products to maintain plant health using the most environmentally responsible methods.

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Your business deserves comprehensive services that last. By choosing American Maintenance as your facility maintenance expert, you opt for a long-term partnership built on communication, accountability, quality, and flexibility. Get started with a quote today.

Discover the Benefits of Landscaping With American Maintenance

Proper landscaping creates a more inspiring environment for your team and increases your property’s resale value. With American Maintenance on your side, you get to see the direct benefits of the top commercial landscaping services, along with a unique advantage only 20+ years of expertise can provide. Because we’re a one-stop shop for all things facility maintenance, our commercial landscaping, janitorial solutions, snow removal, pest control, and building maintenance services come with the following:

Our licensed, nationwide network of landscape professionals undergo extensive training and background checks, so you can trust we’ll exceed expectations.

We tailor maintenance schedules, services, plant choices, and designs uniquely for each property based on location, environment, usage, and goals.

American Maintenance ensures transparency and accountability through a ticketing system, simplified billing, and real-time inspection updates, fostering clear communication.

Commercial Landscaping FAQs

At American Maintenance, we specialize in diverse commercial landscaping projects ranging from basic lawn care like sod installation to advanced seasonal work like aeration and overseeding. We make sure your space remains vibrant and functional, meeting your needs year-round.

Yes. American Maintenance works around our client’s schedules to minimize disruption. Our workers take pride in landscape design, and we’ll never reflect your business in a negative light. We also offer flexibility in maintenance and landscaping hours to ensure business operations continue smoothly.

At American Maintenance, our commercial landscaping services don’t just beautify your facility, but they help reduce water usage through several innovative practices and technologies. These include conducting irrigation audits to identify inefficiencies in existing systems, installing intelligent irrigation systems that optimize watering schedules based on real-time weather conditions and soil moisture levels, and incorporating drought-resistant plant species that require less water.

These measures ensure that landscapes remain vibrant and healthy and significantly lower water usage and utility costs, contributing to more sustainable and environmentally friendly property management practices.

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