Quality Nevada Cleaning Services

American Maintenance is Nevada’s one-stop shop for cleaning and maintenance services.

Above and Beyond Deep Cleaning for a Spotless Business

From our comprehensive suite of services to our rich 20-year history, American Maintenance has the Nevada cleaning services your business needs to succeed and impress. From janitorial cleaning services to pest control and landscaping, we can take care of your cleaning year-round, no matter what comes your way.

Maintain a Welcoming Environment with Our Janitorial Expertise

Our NV cleaning services go all-in for businesses’ varying needs. With American Maintenance Corp’s janitorial services, your businesses can enjoy a clean, healthy, and inviting workplace environment that fosters productivity and leaves a lasting impression on employees and visitors alike. Explore our suite of services, including:

Make Your Space Sparkle With Complete Commercial Cleaning Services

Don’t settle for lackluster cleaning services. For Las Vegas and beyond in Nevada, cleaning services from American Maintenance can have your business looking brand new in no time.

Discover Excellent Snow Removal for NV Residents

While snow may be rare in Las Vegas, Reno residents and more can benefit from our snow removal services and de-icing. During winter storms, the American Maintenance team is available 24/7 to assist you. Our comprehensive snow removal solutions are designed to ensure business continuity and safety throughout the snowy season:

  • Complete Snow Removal

    Our heavy-duty plows clear large parking areas, access roads, loading docks, and other areas. We also take great care in areas with heavy foot traffic to minimize accidents and injuries.

  • De-Icing

    Ice can still affect your business in freezing temperatures if snow isn’t present. Our de-icing services ensure safety even before the ice begins to form.

  • Haul-Away Services

    Waiting for snow to melt can be like watching paint dry. Our haul-away services can clear out the build-up of snow before it affects your patrons.

Nevada Landscaping Services to Create Your Ideal Outdoor Space

Not only does American Maintenance specialize in Nevada cleaning services, but it tailors landscaping solutions to your desired ideas, making your vision come to life. Our professional team is ready to create curb appeal and improve your property on the outside as well as the inside. Our comprehensive landscaping solutions include lawn care, regular maintenance, sprinkler system management, and landscape design. This way, your business can leave a great first impression on new clients and long-standing ones as well.

Ensure Successful Cleaning With One of America’s Top Janitorial and Maintenance Companies

At American Maintenance Corp, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of commercial maintenance services. With over twenty years of industry experience, we stand as your trusted partner for all your Nevada cleaning service needs, regardless of your business’s size or scope.

We Understand the Unique Challenges of Property Maintenance

At American Maintenance, we recognize the diverse challenges businesses encounter in maintaining their properties. Whether you operate a bustling commercial office or a critical medical facility, our mission remains steadfast: to deliver unparalleled service tailored to your precise needs. While our primary operational focus spans states such as Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Virginia, our expansive network empowers us to extend our support nationwide.

Backed by Stability and Expertise

As a subsidiary of Succession Capital, Inc., under the ownership of Lynx Equity Limited, we operate within a company renowned for acquiring businesses with a robust history of stability and success. This affiliation ensures that we are fortified with the necessary resources and expertise to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive market landscape. Our clients can rest assured, knowing they are in capable hands, backed by a legacy of excellence and reliability.

Join One of America’s Largest Maintenance Networks

American Maintenance is your one-stop shop for expert facilities maintenance. For above-and-beyond solutions, connect with us today.

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