Construction Clean Up

Finished a new construction job? Call American Maintenance for speedy construction cleanup services at your commercial facility.

Beautify Your New Project With Post-Construction Clean Up Services From American Maintenance

Whether you’ve had a renovation or construction performed on a brand-new facility, the massive cleanup required afterward is a hassle. American Maintenance provides general contractors and facility managers with peace of mind thanks to our comprehensive construction cleanup services that efficiently handle all janitorial aspects of post-construction maintenance.

We work from top to bottom, performing deep interior and exterior cleaning so your new or renovated commercial space is clean, safe, and ready for occupancy. With our extensive nationwide network of maintenance professionals, we offer quality and reliable construction cleanup services across the U.S., helping businesses of all sizes in various industries.

Get Your Building People-Ready

From demolition waste to excess materials, construction sites contain huge amounts of debris. We properly gather, contain, haul away, and dispose of all debris according to regulations. Our teams carefully sweep for debris in all corners, wipe down every surface, and use commercial vacuums to lift dust and dirt from cracks and crevices. We reliably handle waste disposal from start to finish.

Maintain a Healthy Environment

Construction work generates immense amounts of dirt and dust that settle on every surface. Our teams use commercial-grade HEPA vacuums to safely capture dust and contain it for proper disposal. We thoroughly wipe down, disinfect, and sanitize all floors, walls, vents, light fixtures, and other surfaces to lift and remove layered dust for a deep clean, leaving surfaces spotless.

Get Started With Our Construction Cleanup Solutions

Beyond our top-tier construction cleanup solutions, American Maintenance offers a comprehensive suite of cleaning services tailored for commercial businesses, including carpet cleaning, window washing, and hard floor care. Ensure your business always leaves a lasting impression, and connect with us today.

What Construction Cleanup Services From American Maintenance Can Do for You

American Maintenance provides specialized construction cleanup crews with the proper training to expertly handle all post-construction mess. Our uniformed team arrives with commercial-grade gear and methods tailored for construction sites, ready to reliably deliver outstanding results you can trust, like:

Timely Execution
We work efficiently to clean construction sites in a timely manner, limiting business disruption. Our organized process allows us to thoroughly clean while keeping projects on schedule.

Competitive Pricing
We offer very competitive construction cleanup pricing relative to the immaculate service delivered. As the one-stop shop for all your maintenance needs, we pass volume savings to clients.

Expert Communication
Quality work means nothing without trust. Thorough communication, transparency, and accountability are among our core values.

American Maintenance Takes a Hands-On Approach

From commercial cleaning to landscaping, snow removal, and building maintenance, American Maintenance does it all. Many clients use our services for years thanks to our hard-earned trust and consistent performance. Plus, because transparency and accountability mean everything to us, our commercial cleaning services and facility maintenance solutions have several perks.

  • Once onboard with us, you gain access to a comprehensive ticketing system that lets you report issues and secure additional services.
  • When it’s time to pay a bill, our login process makes your experience as simple as ever.
  • During inspections, our online system provides access for all parties to see the status of your facility in real time so you can stay informed.

Join One of America’s Largest Maintenance Networks

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